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Let me introduce you to Eagle eye golf media… the future of digital marketing for golf. Our vision is to help golf evolve and engage better with the younger generation. We offer a unique and unparallelled one stop shop of leading web developers, experienced golf professionals and digital marketing experts. Together we provide innovative, interactive media – rich website design incorporating all the very latest technology, strategies and features.

TV viewing figures and popularity of the game have never been higher, but participation numbers are falling and this is a massive problem for golf. Golf is still perceived by many to be a rich, old man’s game with antiquated views. In some parts of the industry it has generally been 3-5 years behind the rest of the world in adopting or embracing new business technology. We want to change this and as ambassadors for the game tour players can help us greatly in our quest. Eagle Eye Golf Media provide a wealth of golf industry experience and expertise which is solely dedicated to progressing the vastly outdated standards of golf specific web development. We estimate that over 65% of golf related websites are totally out-dated and completely uninspiring.

Eagle Eye Golf Media was founded by a former PGA professional of 15 years with an experienced background in the golf industry, sales, marketing & web development. The business aims to drive golf into the digital era which we live in, to dominate this niche market and be the go to place for expert knowledge in quality digital golf products which are also accompanied by excellent customer service. We are helping to inspire a new online audience of tech-savy end users, encourage more golf fans and future players of the game. We live and breathe golf and are truly passionate about making online golf more trendy, interactive and appealing.

Each website that we design is totally bespoke, customised exactly for the clients needs and created for the unique interpretation of your individual market audience. The eagle has landed and we are already working with some of the world’s best tour players, travel companies and golf courses to improve their online presence, performance and revenue streams.

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